Two Temples in Indonesia and a hut on a rock.

When you are a travelling photographer hampered by colour blindness there are two possible approaches to colour. One, as in my last post, is to embrace the drama of black and white, but sometimes the beauty of the colours in front of you is so intense that you have no choice but to render them in full whatever the consequences:


This was the case most often as we travelled around Indonesia last summer and faced with views like this, I found myself occasionally ending up forgetting about my fear that I was getting the colours “wrong” and instead treating the affliction as a treat that gave me license to go over the top.

This was at Tanah Lot a temple on the south coast of Bali. We had just arrived the night before and were astonishingly jet-lagged. So much so, that as we approached, my wife said “That’s not a temple, it’s a hut on a rock”

As we got closer it looked a bit clearer:



As you can imagine with somewhere so beautiful, we had the place pretty much to ourselves:


We came back the next morning and with the harsh daylight sky less dramatic, I tried some long exposure black and white shots:



About a week later we were on the next Island of Lombok and visited another seaside temple- Batu Bolong. Like Tanah Lot, this is a Hindu Temple, but Lombok itself is predominantly Muslim and this time we really were the only tourists around to see this amazing sunset:



There were many locals on the beach though, including this old guy:


He was happy to be photographed and in a great turning of the tables that we got used to in the less touristed parts of Indonesia, many of these locals also wanted to photograph us.

A week later, we were on the main island of Java near the second city of Yogyakarta. Here can be found the most amazing temple of all- Borobudur. This time, on another Muslim island it is a giant Buddhist temple and we approached it in true Indiana Jones style at 4 O’ Clock so that we could watch the dawn.

It was pitch black as we walked up the temple, but the first traces of light began to appear in the valley below:


Then, as the sun began to rise, we got views of the stupas all around:


One is cracked open like a russian doll to reveal the buddha inside:


The moment of sunrise itself was less spectacular with too much cloud in the wrong places:


Then, this began to lift to reveal briefly some beautiful dawn light:





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