A walk by the Thames

Actually it is more like two walks- I was at a meeting in London, but my train got me in early so I got the chance to look from Hungerford Bridge towards the city: SDIM0715 Then in the afternoon, my meeting ended early and with a tube station closed, I had an excuse for a bit of an explore. First round the inns of court- the curious area around Temple that always reminds me of the quads of Oxford or Cambridge: SDIM0723 SDIM0726 I have deliberately left the angles of the next picture unaltered as they came out of the camera in their full Diagon Alley glory: SDIM0727 Then after a short stretch of the river, I found myself walking into Somerset House and up this strange staircase: SDIM0730 Then into the magnificent courtyard: SDIM0734 When tourists ask for directions to Buckingham Palace I am often tempted to send them here instead- they wouldn’t end up being so disappointed! SDIM0735 Then onto the Strand with all its endless traffic: SDIM0736 Finally a glimpse of another alley leading to another walk for another day: SDIM0740


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