As my late mum’s home town, I am too close to Linz in Austria to write much of a travelogue about it. If I’m honest I would struggle to express in words the difficult mixture of my own love for these streets and the fact that the city’s most famous ex-resident, Hitler, shared my affection for the place.

He wanted to make it capital of Europe, but what I really love about it today is that it is the total opposite of that- a city which few tourists are even aware of, but which manages to mix the modern and the past with a grace that we in the UK rarely manage.

So my pictures will have to do the talking. First a grab shot from the train journey from Munich:


In Linz itself, the main square has likely barely changed in two hundred years:


Similarly the shops on the main street are modern, but the street itself and the alleys that run off it could be in Amadeus:

DSCF5373DSCF5384 DSCF5375Possibly because of my memories of Bologna, I was on the search for traditional porticos:DSCF5371DSCF5376Then as you head across the bridge to what was once the sister-city of Urfahr, you see the famous Danube:DSCF5389Then all of this 18th Century glory is broken up wonderfully by no less than a museum of future technology – Ars Electronica:DSCF5368Climbing up through Urfahr to the Postlingberg Hill, we passed a war graveyard. The last European fighting of world war 2 was here, but what made less sense was that most of the graves, including those shown here, were from the first world war and were of men from many different countries- why are they buried here- so far from any of their homes or from any of the fighting of that war?DSCF5412A bit further up we passed some old defences from the turn of the last century, long abandoned and ruined and with a scary notice warning of Tollwut- rabies:DSCF5405Finally, at the top of the hill, the church which can be seen from all over Linz- very much the symbol of the town:DSCF5396Reading up on this later, I discovered that this was also Hitler’s favourite walk- he would look down on this view and plan to knock it all down to build his mega-city:Untitled_Panorama1


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