You Angel, you.


If there is one thing that has moved my photography on in the last few years, it has been challenging myself to go back repeatedly to the same spots to get different views. My other blog (A colour  blind photographer in Tunbridge Wells) features endless repeats of a few favourite locations in my home town, but even in my travels, there are certain places I return to and which I intend to feature here. The first is the Angel of the North:angel0035

For those that don’t know it, this is a strikingly simple giant statue sited on the main route through Britain, the A1. It’s arms, shaped as airplane wings, are stretched out with a positivity and pride which stands for the resurgence of the North in general and to me hints in particular at the growing self confidence of Scotland another hour and a half up the road.


For my learning of photography in the last ten years it presented some easy lessons- in most of these pictures which span this time, I have learnt the power of silhouettes against a strong sky:


In most I have also learnt the effect of using human figures in contrast to create scale:



Occasionally the sun features minimally as well:


Sometimes I move out of silhouette to emphasise the texture of its rusty form:



Finally, on one more gimmicky occasion, I used a fisheye lens to allow it actually to attempt take off.




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