New Views in Yorkshire

In my last post, I wrote about going back and revisiting the same location repeatedly. Today, I am discussing the opposite- a first trip to the Yorkshire Dales and Moors. There is an irony for me in this- I went to York University for three years where I met my wife and then lived in Leeds for one, but back then I had no car or much inclination to travel further than the bar so to my shame I had not explored this part of the country until a couple of weeks ago when we hired a cottage in Swaledale for a week.

This is such a stunning part of the country- each evening I would go out to watch an incredible sunset. The first couple of evenings I did this on foot- just along a farm path of five minutes were sheep, rabbits and this view:


Beautiful as it was, it was a struggle to get entirely right- the sun went down below the hills quite a time before actual sunset so to get the best light, I either pointed away from the sun:


…or straight at it:


Of course I wanted everything in one shot and I’m afraid getting it involved a bit of cheating- the shot that follows is a dual exposure with the sun taken from one shot and the rest from another to avoid blowing out the light:


Another approach to landscape that I am trying is to use a telephoto lens to create abstract close ups- I struggled with this a bit with so much in front of me, it was hard to select, but did get this shot I was semi-pleased with:


Turning around I got a much closer and more appealing view:


Later in the week, I drove off for my evening views and here my lack of local knowledge led to some level of frustration as I did not know the best viewpoints or locations, but I did get some fast changes of weather to play around with:



During the days we got into a pattern of taking long drives to visit some of the many beauty spots- the drives were themselves stunning- the following were  grab shots taken from the car after having rushed to a stop in foul weather:




Amongst our daytime visits were Mount Grace Priory:



…Richmond Castle where there were some medieval re-enactors grabbing an ice cream and a great guy with windblown hair:

DSCF6228 DSCF6229

…Bolton Abbey:


…The Strid which people drown trying to cross- I tried to create a composition that brings out some of this force with an in-balanced sense of that rock hurtling down to the bottom of the frame:


…Semer Water: totally deserted on a wet day- couldn’t decide whether colour or black and white suited these long exposures:



A minute later it started to pour and we rushed back to the car- I got there first:


Later the same day- another rainy view at Ribblehead Viaduct:


And finally Roseberry Topping – this time the choice of monochrome was a simple one as the great Joe Cornish has created so many beautiful shots of his local hill, that I could not possibly compete:



Finally, each day we would return home to be greeted by our very own Green Man in the doorway- a perfect holiday:



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