Two days in the Lake District


The Lake District is almost certainly my favourite part of Britain, but I have had to get used to reveling in the changeable weather rather than fearing it. As we arrived from the North last weekend, the forecasts were of rain and the skies agreed. We stopped off first at a Hotel by Ullswater- one of may favourite lakes where the brooding skies taunted us through lunch:


After another hour or so driving we ended up by Windermere where we had decided to climb up Orrest Head.

This is a classic climb which is actually pretty easy, but gives views that can fool you into thinking you’ve scaled a mountain. We rose slowly through woodland where the autumn leaves gave this colour blind photographer some good as it gets shades:


Then, as we got out into the open, I enjoyed the raindrops on the foliage:


As we approached the top, the clouds began to break with one of those perfect sunsets which are actually better because the weather has been so grotty:




The next day we hoped for the same, but actually got a different type of magnificent. I had read that the Borrowdale Valley which I had never seen was the most beautiful in Britain. Having recently visited the Yorkshire Dales, I was keen to make the comparison, but in order to do so it would help actually to be able to see it.

At first, we had no such luck- as we started, the rain was constant and the visibility so poor that we almost turned back. We determined to enjoy it instead and gradually the views opened up:



As we approached the river Derwent, I attempted one of those long exposure shots which can be very cliched, but which are really difficult to get right- this one is close to what I wanted, but not quite there:


Then, as we approached our wet finish, we finally got the kinds of views I was after all along- made all the better for the rainclouds we had been hating all day. This is why I keep on returning:



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