Running and Gunning in Porto


My wife and I have a dream that when we retire we might spend months on end slowly exploring some of our favourite parts of Europe. So sometimes we end up flying in and out of a city on a cheap flight within 24 hours!


It shouldn’t work for us, but sometimes the lunacy of such a quick trip makes for a really satisfying visit. One of the best times we did this was a few years back when we went to Porto.


This is a really beautiful, walkable city where we could obviously have lingered, but on a quick visit we still managed to cover an enormous amount of ground. Porto has that great Portuguese character of an old city which has not been tidied up as much as most of Europe- there is still an edgy grunge to the place which somehow works.


Photographers call this kind of approach “running and gunning” and it is actually sometimes quite a good way to see a place, particularly in a city like this where so many different styles of architecture and lifestyle seem to have been jumbled together with so little logic, but so much charm. You almost feel that if you were there for a proper amount of time, it would start to unravel under the weight of its oddness.







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