Lost Cruising the fjords part three- Can I talk to a Norwegian yet?

After two days in Norway, and having learnt to at least enjoy the Norwegian scenery, I had decided that day three would be the day that I actually talked with someone who lived here.

And I did! Serge our lovely Spanish tour guide on the coach from Olden had been living in Norway for three months now and was able to fill us in on loads about the local way of life.

The scenery would have to do- fortunately it was quite special. We’d woken up in Olden to some quite cloudy weather which while magnificent, could go either way:


We soon headed off in the coach to the valley of Stryn where the clouds lifted to this view of the lake:



In the distance, at the back there, you can just make out the shine of one of the local glaciers which taunted us during the day. One of the features of a cruise is that on each day on land you have to choose your tours from a number of options and I had selected a long drive through scenery rather than a shorter glacier visit. Having visited an Icelandic Glacier earlier this year, I did know what I was missing and how amazing it might be.

Our next stop was way up in the mountains at Dalsnibba where we were actually able to look down through the clouds onto the Geraingerfjord:


On our way down to the mouth of the fjord, we passed traditional Norwegian houses where they grow grass on the roof. They used to keep goats up on top of the houses to mow it- why on earth did they stop?


In Gerainger, there was a magnificent waterfall:


And then we were onto the fjord itself using a car ferry rather than a tourist ship to go along its length:


A car ferry of course meant ordinary Norwegian passengers to chat to, but no it was just more tourists in their hired cars! More great views, though:



We stopped next briefly at the lake of Horindalsvannet.


With no time to further explore the lake itself, and no obvious Norwegians around to talk to, in what appeared to be a ghost town, I did enjoy seeing an appealingly run down hotel:


And then we were back on the cruise ship sailing along our final fjord, the Nordfjord. The light was more than promising at first:


The people in the farm house in the middle of the next snap came out to wave just after I took it- at last some in depth contact with actual Norwegians! I had achieved what I wanted and could get back to taking pictures in the gorgeous light:


But as sunset approached, it was getting much plainer than the day before:


Finally, in the twilight at the end of the day, we approached our last Norwegian wonder of Hornelen.


The cliffs at Hornelen are the highest in Europe and we got in close, as the captain showed us a long fissure in the rock which will one day lead to the cliff collapsing into the fjord. With so much weight of rock this will almost inevitably lead to a terrible Tsunami along the length of the ford.

Getting in close to a cliff at night with a ship’s small flashlight strangely leads to only terrible photos which I will not show here!

As the last of the light disappeared, it was time to head out to open sea and slowly home:





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