Bristol is one of the great regenerated cities of Britain. Somehow, over years of brief visits, I’d never really realised what a great place it is until I was stuck on a course there a couple of years ago. My hotel then was close to the canal, and each morning, I would take a walk before breakfast along the waterside into the city.




I loved the place so much that over Christmas we decided as a family to repeat the visit at leisure.

Even before we got there, on our drive down, we had our first great surprise- Lydiard Park- near Swindon of all places, was a brief afternoon stop:



Then as we toured Bristol itself after sundown, we visited first the Cathedral:



As before, it was an early morning walk that really opened up the city to me:





The church in the background, St Mary Redcliffe, is even more impressive than the Cathedral:


Then finally a drive out to Clifton to visit the famous suspension Bridge. First, looking back from the wonderful restaurant at the Avon Hotel we got this view over towards the city:


Then up to the Bridge itself:


And finally to the viewpoint looking over it:



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